Cholera breaks out at Lusaka’s Mikango Army Barrack

Cholera breaks out at Lusaka’s Mikango Army Barrack

Cholera has broken out at Mikango Barracks in Lusaka East affecting a number of households forcing military health personnel to set-up make-shift treatment centre just outside the entrance to the army barrack.

A check at entrance found healthy officials attending to patients mainly women and children for soldiers in a tent that has been erected outside the gate.

The cholera situation is compounded by mounds of uncollected and decaying rubbish in the barrack, something that is very uncommon in a military residential area.

“We have no choice here, and our situation has been like this for years now and we hoped the situation would improve with the new government. We use bush toilets to relieve ourselves during the day as we have no toilets,” said one of the residents.

“It is actually the first time that an army barrack has cholera cases, at least this one, as long as I can remember,” said another resident.


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