Cholera breaks out in Mpulungu despite PF being in power close to a year

Cholera has broken out in Mpulungu District in Northern Province, even after the PF being in power for close to a year.

The PF promised to develop Zambia within 90 days and the population was told that preventable diseases like cholera will no longer be experienced in Zambia.

Cholera is a preventable disease which is primarily transmitted by faecal contamination of food and water caused by poor sanitation.

It is a disease that thrives in poverty.

Northern Province Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba disclosed that Mpulungu Hospital received its first case on Sunday 12th August 2012.

He stated that the hospital has since treated 52 suspected cases of cholera and recorded one (1) death.

Mwamba stated that the hospital now has seven (7) patients admitted in Mpulungu District Hospital.

The villages that have been affected mostly from lakeshore villages such as Kasasa, Tonga, Mupata, Sondwa and Posa villages although nearly every village has since recorded a suspected case of cholera.

Cholera is breaking out in Mpulungu, a town which lies on the shores of Africa’s deepest and largest fresh water lake, Lake Tanganyika.


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