Cholera breaks out inside Chainama mental hospital

Cholera breaks out inside Chainama mental hospital

Cholera has broken out inside Chainama mental hospital in Lusaka but the government is keeping this particular outbreak hush hush.

The Watchdog has been reliably informed that the first case of cholera in the male ward was recorded last Tuesday and up to six patients have so far tested positive.

Cholera is currently ravaging the country with government claiming that only about 500 people have been affected across the country. The government does not however disclose how many people have died from this easily preventable disease which had been eradicated from Zambia but returned this year due to poor leadership at national level.

In the case of Chainama hospital, the outbreak has been attributed directly to dirty caused by poor funding to the only mental specialist hospital in the country.

A source told the Watchdog that ‘the hospital has no running water most parts of a day and the toilets are another issue’.Chainama

‘We all know that patients in that hospital needs proper and extra cure as they depend on another person. What has happened at Chinama is disturbing and raises a lot of questions,’ a source said.


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