Cholera cases hit 200, contrary to govt lies

After the PF government diverted over K6.8 million meant for cholera
control around the country for the construction of an airbase, cases
of cholera have reached 200 with some deaths.

Ministry of health sources have disclosed that health minister,
Kasonde has been economical with the truth by stating that there have
only been 60 cases of cholera in Lusaka and Chibombo.

Government recently diverted close to K7 million, mainly donor funds
meant for combating cholera outbreaks in cholera prone communities.

“That money was for construction of drainages, sinking boreholes,
building toilets, purchasing water treatment chemicals -in short, it
was meant for improving peoples access to clean water,” an official at
Ndeke House said.

Meanwhile, Inside source from OP under Ministry Of Health (MoH) said
the airbase may be used to bring in pre-marked ballot papers which
would polute the electoral process.

“They need to tell us why the urgency,” OP demanded. “How would a
caring government divert so much money from a lifesaving program?” OP

While no government official was available for answers, we can
confidently postulate that the airbase is politically important for
the survival of Lungu and his PF gang. They have willing sacrificed
the lives of many citizens to the cholera disaster and they are
cheating about the degree of the problem.

And why have they kept the construction of the base secret? Whose
interest are they serving? Is an airbase more important than the lives
of many who are battling the cholera epidemic? Why are they hiding the
cholera deaths? Anyway, however long, time will tell.

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