Cholera cases in Mpulungu increase

By Chimwemwe Simpito

About 68 cases of cholera cases have been reported in Mpulungu from 52 cases recently reported with Kasasa village leading with 28 cases so far.

 Health statistics depict that 8 other cases have reported from Sondwa,7 from Mupata,6 from Onzye,5 from Zanga,4 from posa,2 from Lakeside,1 from location,1 from Ngwenye,and single cases from Muzabwela,Chituta,Kapembwa, Kasakalabwe and Musende.
It has been reported that children under 5 are the most affected including the age group between 15-34 years.
This came into light during the cholera preparedness committee meeting held in the council chamber chaired by the district commissioner Juliana Chuzu.
The district commissioner disclosed that there will be chlorine distribution at most water drawing points and fishing camps.
She said water boreholes will be set up to help mitigate the epidemic.
And the health facility says the chlorine distribution won’t be much satisfactory as there is a short fall of 80kg of which 20kg is only available.
The chlorine price is at K1000-00 at least affordable by most households than being wholly dependent on the facility to provide all the chlorine.
Meanwhile the health facility has disclosed that there is no conducive shelter for nursing patients at the facility but has resorted to acquiring a tent from ZAF Mbala to help broaden the patients shelter.
And the relevant authority has imposed a strong ban against the selling of disposed off Bwana drink as it may likely contribute to the spread of the epidemic.
Chimwemwe Simpito reports from Mpulungu that, a   strong warning has been given to the Bwana drink sellers saying stiffer action will be taken once found wanting.
Recently , government   banned any sorts of gatherings including funerals to comply with prevention regulations that helps stem the outbreak .

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