Cholera: PF regime bans churches but not bars

Government bans all Churches gatherings but allows bars and tarvens to operate normally under limited hours

Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale has allowed bars and tarvens to operate while closing down and prohibiting church gatherings

Mwale announced that bars and tarvens will open from 11hrs-19hrs.

However his counterpart Minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya sent Police to forcibly disperse church gatherings today!

Chilufya has also imposed Total curfew in Kanyama the epicenter of the outbreak but bars will operate normally

This demonic directive by Mwale has puzzled many who do not understand how gatherings in bars and tarvens have been allowed while church gatherings including Home cells are prohibited 🚫!!


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    Eye 2 weeks

    People go to church once a week but to bars seven. Someone figured it out that people can do without church service but not without daily drinking ceremony. Are we not supposed to thank govt for their kindness and thoughtfulness?

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    webman 2 weeks

    Welcome to Zambia, the Christian Nation led by the great humble leader and his christians for Lungu,,,, and not christians for Christ! Where alcohol is worshipped above God as exemplified by the great humble leader himself.
    The other day I was thinking to myself that Zambia has one of the most developed and efficient drinking places as well as the most dedicated clientele in the world. Can you imagine the possibilities if the could be flipped to to: the most developed farming places as well as the most dedicated farmers in the world? Never mind me, day-dreaming is my middle name!

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    Angoni chaiwo 2 weeks

    Chaipa ngako, so drinking is more important than church gathering. May I know if Moslem mosques have also been told not to gather.