Choma association happy with preisdential degree clause

The Choma Residents Association says the resolution by the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) requiring a presidential candidate to possess a first university degree must be supported by all progressive Zambians.

Association chairman Kennedy Mukuma told ZANIS in Choma today that the resolution to enshrine the clause that the presidential candidate should hold a first degree deserves commendation.

Mr. Mukuma said it was surprising that some sections of society were opposed to the clause when such a provision was meant to help provide quality leadership to the country.

He argued that those aspiring for the office of president must be knowledgeable but also inspiring Zambians especially young ones in terms of their academic accomplishment.

He said the NCC’s move should not be viewed to be targeted at certain individuals but rather raising the standards in the office of the President.

Mr. Mukuma said academic qualifications must also be prescribed for the office of Members of Parliament so that people aspiring to lead Zambia must understand issues of development.

He said the association also fully supports the clause that councillors must have at least attained grade twelve level of education.
He said this is the only way to improve the caliber of civic leaders that represent people in local authorities.

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