Choma farmer shoots his worker

Choma farmer shoots his worker

Police in Choma have arrested and charged a Choma farmer of Caucasian origin who shot his worker occasioning him serious gunshot wounds for allegedly failing to shoot at poachers who entered his ranch.

Neil Kirk Patrick, owner of Star Butchery and Gamamwe Ranches is alleged to have shot George Banda and dumped him last week, trying to conceal the shooting but was exposed earlier this week thereby leading to an arrest and he is expected to appear in court soon.

According to Southern province commissioner of police Bonny Kapeso, Banda who was in the company of other farm workers encountered some poachers in the ranch but failed to fire a gun as it couldn’t do so but reported the matter to their employer who got annoyed.

Kirk Patrick then grabbed the gun from Banda and shot him in the left leg to prove that the gun could fire, he later organised some private treatment until the matter reached the attention of the police who moved in and apprehended the said farm manager.

Kapeso described the condition of the farm worker as stable but said that Kirk Patrick remains in custody charged with murder.


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