Choma flooded

Choma flooded

By Mastone Moonze in Choma

An undisclosed number of houses in most urban residential areas in Choma District have been submerged after heavy rains that started around 02:00hrs this morning continued.

A check by Phoenix News in Choma found, roads connecting Kamunza, Kachacha, Mwapona and overspill residential areas flooded and impassable while Chandamali and Kamunza bridges have filled up blocking residents from conducting their daily economic activities in town.

And Choma Mayor Javen Simoloka has told Phoenix News that no lives have been claimed due to the flooding but indicates that four people that include a two weeks old baby almost drowned but were rescued by residents in Mwapona and Chandamali compounds.

Mr. Simoloka says the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit –DMMU- is already on the ground to help the flood victims and has called on Choma residents to remain calm as the situation is under control.

Choma District has in the last one month received rains that have claimed lives in Mbabala village.

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    Engineers do the work they’re contracted to do. If u don’t include drains in the contract, engineers won’t build them although they will advise on the stupidity of excluding drains. It’s not engineers who choose the site;the client does. Is this the heaviest downpour Choma has seen?

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    Chisha Banda 6 days ago

    Mpongo has a strong point. It seems that we Africans are largely influenced by animal instincts in decision making. Even the location of the University of Zambia is wrong. You can not have such a high institution of learning sited in a place where you have to pump in clean water and actively pump out sewage. However our politicians of the those old days wanted to be where it is now located.

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    Mpongo Muleya 1 week ago

    Engineers should collect more data about Choma. The area from Mbabala to Choma and beyond has a shallow aquifer and water drains poorly. In the local language we call it Nyika ya Sikaduunta. Expansion of the town into a provincial headquarters should be properly re assessed. It may not be possible in future to erect more infrastructure to house a provincial headquarters. Colonialists were not foolish to use Kalomo as capital.

    • comment-avatar
      Nkhoma 6 days ago

      Shallow Aquifer wakuti? You all should be seeing that as an opportunity rather than a hindrance to Choma being an HQ. There are plenty of industrial ventures that would exploit those marshes

  • comment-avatar
    Mumbwe Fox 1 week ago

    Poor civil engineering. 60 years after independence and thisis appening in an urban area sure?

    • comment-avatar
      FuManchu 1 week ago

      Unwelcome suffering caused by poor civil engineering coupled with residents dumping garbage in what could be existing drainage water ways and putting up of buildings without conforming to council residential planning! Mediocre choice of councilors without expertise and knowledge in servicing these wards!