Choma mayor says PF refusing to give residents NRCs

Choma mayor says PF refusing to give residents NRCs


Choma Mayor says the Southern Province Administration has intentionally shut down operations at the National Registration Office to hinder citizens from acquiring National Registration Cards, (NRC).

However, Javen Simoloka disclosed that the move is politically bent on denying citizens’ their right to access national registration services.

Simoloka says Provincial Minister, Dr. Edify Hamukale’s statement last month that the office will not attend to people being ferried in large numbers to get NRCs.

He also cites a similar report in Mazabuka where citizens have complained that the national registration office is not servicing them due to failure by authorities to buy electricity at the district administration block.

He said that most of the people who are getting NRC are school leavers who want to go and look for jobs because no one can employ them without nrc. He said it’s normal first quarter of every year to have high turnout of people getting NRC because of grade 12 who completed school last year.

Mr Simoloka who is also UPND provincial vice youth chairperson administration said that PF is using distribution of mealie meal to gain political mileage. PF is distributing mealie meal in Gwembe, pemba, kalomo and now Choma Singani area for people to join them.

He wondered where were they in the past 12 months when people were dying because of hunger and now God have answered their cries by giving them enough rain. PF want to give them food now when they have started eating their own grown food. Mr Simoloka have advised citizens to get and eat whateve they will bring and never vote for them.

What is of great concern is the issue of tribalism being used as PF campaign message. We are concerned by Bizwell Mutale, chanda nyala and Nkandu Luo. It’s upto pf president to prove that he is not in support of what they are saying by firing Nkandu Luo and ban others from their party or else we will believe that he is the father of tribalism

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    wineman 2 weeks ago

    PF is dying. Lungu is protecting Sikutwa, his tribeman who has swindled depositors of K243 million. Sikutwa is owner of Madison Asset Management, an insolvent company. He is owner of Madison life and Madison general, both companies are insolvent. PS finance was told to direct Mapani, regulator not to wreck the boat. At Madison Finance we have not been paid for 5 months now.

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      Learned Counsel 2 weeks ago

      The mayor is a dull person. The only reason the officers at the boma were not working is because the building nearly caught fire three weeks ago after a zesco prepaid meter caught fire. It only quick action from the $1million fire tenders that prevented a major disaster from happening and last friday, Zesco finally reconnected the offices

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    Riggings PF 2 weeks ago

    ZANU-PF tactics in full swing, more is yet to come.

  • comment-avatar
    Albert moyo 2 weeks ago

    When I saw the video of soldiers dancing after the constitutional judgment in malawi, I couldn’t help but thought of zambia. If PF were to lose power today they will be shocked by the jubilation that will follow.The bible says there is time for everything. Time to plant and time to haverst etc etc.

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    Sarah 2 weeks ago

    Tyranny of this sort cannot last.  Despite all efforts to suppress votes or rig elections, PF incompetence and mismanagement of the economy will see them out of power.  If not in 2021, sometime shortly thereafter when the country implodes.  

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    Tom mumba 2 weeks ago

    That’s the dammest reasoning ever! Are we saying others can’t campaign in the area just because the ruling part wants to use government machinery to gain advantage?

    If he was popular and confidence enough he should  call kachema to the same podium!!