Kalomo witchdoctor kills 2 police officers, 1 civilian

Two police officers in Kalomo were yesterday killed in bizarre circumstances by a named traditional healer when they went to arrest him after he allegedly murdered a person in Chief Chikanta’s area.

Southern Province Commissioner of Police Brenda Mutemba confirmed to ZANIS that the two police officers were stabbed to death in unclear

Ms Muntemba explained that Chief Chikanta reported a murder case at Kalomo Police Station in which the named traditional healer is
suspected to have been behind it.

Six police officers were then deployed to the area to investigate the murder.

It is believed that the traditional healer resisted arrest and in the process allegedly stabbed a female constable and male inspector to

Ms Mutemba said it is not yet exactly clear what happened saying a platoon of police officers have since been deployed to the area to
ascertain what happened and retrieve the two bodies.

“ We only got this information last night that two of our police officer were allegedly stabbed to death by a named traditional healer
they went to arrest for suspected murder and we will let you know exactly what led to the deaths of our officers,” Ms Mutemba said.

Ms Mutemba who was visibly disturbed by the news appealed to members of the public to understand that police officers were there to help
communities in maintaining law and order.

“Police officers are there to help communities to live in peace among themselves but what has happened in Chikanta is very unfortunate,”
said Ms Mutemba.

She also sent messages of condolences to the families of the deceased officers and vowed to bring the suspect(s) behind the death of the
officers to book.

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