Chongu accuses Kalaba of mobilising fake prophets against Lungu

PF thug Maxwell Chongu has revealed that it is foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba who is instigating a fake Nigerian prophet to attack dictator Edgar Lungu.

Last week, one of these questionable prophets, Joshua Iginla, told Lungu that he stands no chance in 2021 and should restrict his dictatorship to 2016 – 2021.

But Chongu posted in ‘KOPALA for ECL WhatsApp’ the following:

“Good morning fellow countrymen and women, comrades from the Patriotic Front Party, all protocols observed. The holy bible clearly tells us to say and I quote! ‘Touch not my anointed and do no harm nor say evil about them’ end of quote. However the same holy bible also clearly warns about fake prophets and teachers of the law in the book of Mathews if am not mistaken and I quote! ‘Jesus said be careful of the teachers of the law and the Pharisees, they receive respective greetings, wear long lobes and seat on my fathers throne, practice what they preach but do not practice what they do’, end of quote. Surely Hon. Harry Kalaba needs to be extra careful with his association with one fake prophet, a conman who happens to be prophet Bushiri’s connection (chola boy) here in Zambia and resides in PHI. I am reliably informed by my officers that not so long ago, this same prophet called Hon Harry Kalaba for a meeting at his house and openly told him to say you will be the next President of Zambia come what may; just wait for 2021 and maintain a low profile, minimise talking and leave the rest to us,”

Chongu continued:

“This is the same prophet that at some point swindled Mwansabombwe PF member of parliament out of a lot of money using the same strategy. Let me make mention that this so-called prophet has been the center of scandalous behavior hiding in the name of the church. Hon. Harry Kalaba, you may wish to know that at the age of 25, this same prophet was deported from Zambia and repatriated to  Congo for his crookedness using the name of God, sleeping with married women. According to my records, it was his master fellow conman prophet Bushiri who necessitated his comeback to Zambia. In case people didn’t know, prophet Bushiri has formed a network full of fake miracles and prophecies duping innocent people worldwide out of huge sums of money and politicians have not been spared. It’s the same prophet Bushiri that has facilitated prophet Seer 1 to [get] back to South Africa after being deported from Zambia.”

He stated alleged that it was the Zambian prophets connected to Kalaba who influenced prophet Iginla to “force” President Lungu to step down.

“Now with their network full of magicians pretending to be prophets or real men of God they want to use their counterpart in Nigeria Bishop Ignla to force President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to step down. Let me warn the these fake magicians hiding under the pretext of prophets that as Patriotic Front party die-hard, I am always a step ahead of your plans and I will not [sit] back, relax with my arms folded waiting for you to execute your evil intentions but I will expose you and thwart all you plans because this is not a CHURCH but POLITICS,”

stated Chongu.

“I think its not too late for Hon. Harry Kalaba to come out clean on this one for the office of the Patriotic Front die-hard has got all the information, including records, when your prophet was deported from Zambia. I am very much aware of a scam to make Hon. Harry Kalaba PF president above all the republican President come 2021 by these so called prophets spearheaded by prophet Bushiri through his agent, a prophet currently residing in PHI Lusaka, but that won’t happen. These magicians who are failing to foresee real calamities like floods and other things that are affecting the world are busy stealing money from innocent people with their fake prophecies mainly targeted at politicians. Hon. Harry Kalaba, cut your association or you will have yourself to blame when you see real protests with coffins not was is happening over Mutati.”


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    Dynamo is a true magician and making his money,NOT these fake characters making money in the name of the bible. Shame.

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    Chelsey 4 months

    Chongu,don’t be a hypocrite. Why don’t you criticise christians for Lungu who have erased their poverty history with Pf bribery cash?
    Do you condemn them? absolutely not because you’re part of that. You have no right sir to blame those prophets if your pf government is corrupt and associating itself with demons like Mugabe, Museveni and Kagame, the well known dictators worldwide. If you want to be heard by normal people like us, you should start to criticise Mumbi Phiri’s rotten language and the chicken neck breaker guy ex father Bwalya before you expose your ignorance. Anyway, the bible is a public book known not only by true Christians, but also by criminals of all kinds like pf cadres. Chongu, you should read those verses to pf thugs to deter them from tormenting non pf innocent citizens.

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    John 4 months

    It is sad to continue hearing foreign so called prophets creating trouble to zambian political leaders.are they aware that according to scripture these leaders are also anointed arm of God? Interestingly these are a.special kind because they carry not only authority but the rod.the problem with these politicians is that they are ignorant of who they are in the hands of Christ and that they don’t use their
    rod. Read Romans 13.stop being intimidated by individuals who have no life of christ.
    If they can not solve Nigerian bokoharam,problems how can we trust them for anything? Let them go and fix their corrupt goverments.
    NoTe:Hebrews 1.the fullness of God’s revelation was finalised in christ,we don’t need prophets of confusion and dis order.

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    elias chipili 4 months

    Otherwise, there are both fake and real prophets nowadays, the problem is we don’t know who is who meaning even this prophet may say the truth about Harry Kalaba. Mr chongu what would you say if pf go for convention before 2021 and elect Harry Kalaba as president? We must not jump to condemn and judge the annointed men before God.

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    Robert Nesta Marley 4 months

    You fools,
    The last prophet of the Bible was the last prophet from God. All others are sooth sayers, wizards and witches. THey are all demons from the pits of hell.
    If you claim that a person is a prophet, then you are in the same breath saying that Jesus was just a good man and not the son of God. That when He said “it is finished”, He was just kidding and joking around. That Jesus needs “prophets” again to tell you what has already been told and that His life on earth was bogus.
    A man or woman can come bashing the Bible and quoting scripture, doing “David Blane” illusions but “by their works you shall know them”


    If it were up to me, I would beat these prophets to death for blasphemy and see how many of them still spring up here in Zambia.

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    if that prophet said positive about pf chonga wouldn’t have lebelled him fake.

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    Mampi Waluse 4 months

    It is maggots like Chongu that make me doubt Edga

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    You chongu, you have done more harm to your fellow Zambians as a thug in the name of pf. Yours will be in jail convicted by a proper Judiciary. You think you have hidden your lawlessness and atrocities against the UPND membership yet not.

    A person like you should not even quote the bible you are too dirty to do so. We hear your roots are from Solwezi, don’t even take your foolishness there, you will be baptized.

    If i have to preach to you. God is not a dictator. If people choose an Idi Amin God will endorse and annoint him to rule but all blame is on the people who chose an Idi Amin. If people like chongu vote for a dictator God does anoint that chosen dictator . Therefore, if the dictator gets all your money from the government coffers to enrich himself in the shortest time possible, it is your fault Mr. Chongu. Acorrupt leader can not be the annointed one of God. That is why there is ” God’s perfect will” in choosing leaders on earth.This type is chosen by God himself like David.There is also the “acceptable will of God” like King Soul chosen by the people and not by God. In my view do not call people who come in with pangas as anointed. It means you do not know God. I am not PF but i can tell you that Harry Kalaba fears God except he is working in the PF, an evil organization.We have not heard he was anywhere near the likes of Mumbi Phiri, Amos chanda, Kaizer Zulu, Frank Bwalya and Kamba or even give instructions to you to go and hack this one or that one,to mention but a few who have been the architect of destroying the reputation of Zambia all over the world to rabbles.

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    kubweka 4 months

    Harry alimucibe; so like this they have started there will be paid cadres with placards calling for his resignation; bunch of losers.

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    Matamanga 4 months

    Chongu you are attracting a curse on you and your associates.Dont talk ill of the Prophets of The Most High God.PF will not remain in power forever not even Lungu.

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    kongwa 4 months

    So to this minute these fools in PF still think they will have power beyond the next election, well! Come what may, they will NOT be able to steal our vote again. We shall guard it so jelously to the extent of even waging war. We can not continue being ruled by criminals, thivies who are heartless. PF will be buried come 2021.