Chongwe police robbing victims, stealing from villagers

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Afternoon ba ZWD, I want to bring to your attention over what I may simply call “daylight robbing ” by the traffic officers from chongwe police. The officers have taken advantage of the criminal activity that occured 3weeks ago where a group youths from several villages 2 km from chieftainess Nkhomesha’ s palace went about stealing and slaughtering other people’s cows citing failure by the PF gvt to empower them with farming inputs so that they could be self sustained financially. These youths were caught only after one of their vehicle they were using to transport the stolen animals to the markets overturned along the chongwe to chalimbana manyika route at maherebe in kampekete village . since then the traffic section has shifted its roadblock camp to this particular point. Being a rural area and a place where a lot of people know nothing about laws and rights, it is evident that these officer have gone on rampage in charging motorists with unknown charges because a lot of drivers in these areas are illiterate. motorists along this road are now afraid of driving their small cars to the town because of huge sums of money demanded by these officers from poor drivers . The cry that they have is that let the president clarify whether this is the more money in the pocket he is giving to them by allowing these officers to continue with their lucrative business of extortion.
it is also reported that after the police recovered the carcasses of the stolen cows, they sent a word to villages around to come and identify their animals. But it only came to be a nightmare to the owners after being told that they should return to their homes and wait for the police to launch investigations. One week later the owner of the slaughtered animals were called back only to be told that their animals were sold so that the police can use the proceeds to investigate the case. The question is, were the chongwe police in order for not giving back the carcasses to the farmers after recovery? did they opt to do the photos so that the poor farmers can collect the meat for testing then sell so that they can avoid causing losses to the farmers that depend on cows in their farming? Are citizens supposed to pay the police in order for them to carry out an investigation? The officers can’t say the meat was not healthy for consumption, because they themselves told the owners that they sold the meat to raise money for investigations. let Hon Silvia Masebo MP for Chongwe follow up on the matter as these animals were stolen from the people whom she represents and whom I don’t see being able to cultivate their fields this year because of recklessness, lawlessness and negligence from the law inforcers. To madam Masebo here is where to begin from. Mufwesha village and Mwalumina village. These were the two village that fell victim on the hands of the jobless youths as well as the police.

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