Christain Coalition demands dismissal of Andeleke and condemns PF

Christain Coalition demands dismissal of Andeleke and condemns PF


The Christian Coalition has demanded the immediate dismissal of Registrar of Societies Clement Andeleke for attempting to de-register the MMD.

The Coalition has also condemned the PF government for trying to stifle democracy by using Andeleke to try to destroy the former ruling party.

Christian Coalition board chairperson Charles Mwape told the Watchdog that:

‘As a Christian Coalition we are disappointed with the action to deregister movement for multi-party democracy (MMD) and we demand that the Registrar of society be dismissed immediately in the interest of peace and sustainable democracy.

‘This is a shame to our young democracy and we strongly condemn the patriotic front Government for this act of desperation and its time the PF Government accept that Zambia shall remain a multi-Party democracy for now and years to come.

‘We are calling for all democrats in Zambia to condemn this irresponsible and desperate action and support the position given by Law Association of Zambia (LAZ).

Mwape said that it’s time the Government started to addressing issues affecting Youths, Women and Children and restore investor confidence as opposed ‘to irresponsible decision which are dangerous to our democracy.’

‘We therefore remind the PF that Zambians are watching and clock is counting our ears are on the ground and we are quietly weeping,’ he said.

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