Christian AID says attacks on gay people will lead to rise in HIV

David Kato

The increasingly targeted attacks on gay people in a number of African countries, which are thought to have to led the murder this week of outspoken Ugandan gay activist, David Kato (in the picture), will contribute to an increase in HIV infections, says Christian Aid.

Kato, whose name and photograph recently appeared on the front page of anti-gay Kampala-based newspaper Rolling Stone, under the headline ‘Hang Them’, was beaten to death in his home, Ugandan police confirmed yesterday.

Nina O’Farrell, Head of HIV at Christian Aid, said today: ‘It is vital to defend the rights of specific groups who are particularly vulnerable to HIV infection, including gay people, who also suffer from heightened stigma and discrimination, which in many cases makes them less likely to access to HIV treatment, care and support.

‘Our work is founded on Christian faith and inspired by hope. We believe that all people are created equal, with inherent dignity and infinite worth. We act to change an unjust world, helping people to claim the rights owed to them by virtue of their humanity.’

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