Christian Coalition calls on Zambians to protect judiciary

The Christian Coalition has called on Justice Minister Sebastian Zulu to resign on moral grounds for giving president Michael Sata unsound and wrong legal advice.

And the Christian Coalition has called upon all Zambians to unite and defend the judiciary from the PF regime and its allies.

Christian Coalition General Secretary Reverend  John Mwendapole says most Zambians are now living in fear of government.

 Looking at the Governance style of the Patriotic Front it’s, time Zambians open the eyes and come out of fruitless change of Government and protect the judiciary as it is the only institution left for all  Zambians protection.’

He said ‘It’s a shame that now civil servants are not allowed to express their political opinion and we cannot allow this to continue in this time and error. Most Zambians are living in great fear and democracy is threatened under this Government it’s now that we work together and protect the integrity of the judiciary because it does not look at faces or status but at equity in delivery of Justice for all Zambians.

‘Zambia shall forever remain a multi-Party democracy with respect to all opposition parties and civil society’s as key stakeholders in the democratic Governance of this great nation. Let us all unity and defend the judiciary as an institution and not the three suspended Judges because it will never defend itself more especially with a compromised union leaders. As a Coalition we are disappointed with the people advising our President more especially Mr. Sebastian Zulu and we demand that he resign on moral ground.’

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