Christian Coalition vows to defend declaration of Zambia as Christian nation

Statement by Bishop Telesphore Mpundu  on Declaration of Zambia was expected 

It is disappointing to read the statement by Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu that the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation is a Non-event.

Christians should watch this statement and wait for the outcome of the technical committee of experts tasked to draft the Republican Constitution since the Catholics are the majority in that committee and they are on record to call for removal of the declaration from the constitution and return to circular state.

The declaration is not about Churches or Bishops but about Christians regardless of religious affiliation or doctrinal difference.

To us as a coalition, the  declaration shall remain a very important event for Christians and we shall defend it at all cost. Zambians should remember that during Mungomba Constitution review process and National Constitution conference the catholic submitted for the remove of the declaration from the Constitution and such careless statement from Bishop Mpundu should be tagged carefully.

We strongly support the statement by Rainbow Coalition and adopt it as our view because the declaration will not and shall never mean that all Zambians are Christians NO and it does not mean that all Zambians have food and can manage basic needs NO.

Jesus said that the poor shall be with you but we need to work toward alleviating suffering of Zambians as we continue to be a Christian Nation. We urge all Christians to communicate with friends, family members about this sad development and be on knees it’s time to pray and defend God

Declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation does not make all   Zambians Christians unless one make a decision through the conviction of the Holy Spirit NOT by declaration. We all know that Israel was a chosen nation by God but not ALL Israelites were God fearing. This was expected more especially that Catholic Church in Government.

Issues by General Secretary


Rev John Mwendapole

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