Christians, NGOs to march against possible inclusion of homosexuality in Constitution

Zambian Christians and civil society organizations will Thursday march to show solidarity towards the preservation of Zambia as a Christian Nation.

And the Zambia Rainbow Coalition has challenged the government to state clearly that the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation will be preserved in the new constitution.

The Coalition has also demanded that the government should state clearly that homosexuality or its signs shall not be allowed in the Zambian constitution

The solidarity march by churches and NGO like the Rainbow Coalition will be from the Freedom statue to the Cathedral of the Holy cross from 9hrs to 11hrs.

Rainbow Coalition director of programs Malekano Mwanza told the Watchdog that his coalition is deeply concerned at the systematic attempts by certain quarters, to systematically formulate a constitution that will not meet the aspirations of the Majority of Zambians, vis-a-viz issues in the constitution that have been of special interest.

He said these issues include;

  • Preservation of Zambia as a Christian Nation; in History this has been Zambia’s identity as over 90% of the population profess Christianity and in any democratic dispensation the Constitution is for the majority of the citizens without discriminating or sidelining the minority as is the case with the current constitution, therefore we submit that is remains so.
  • The clause on Marriage being defined as being between two people particularly male and female: this is an issue of interest as the non mention of female and male gives a loophole for the introduction of Homosexuality, and the consequent introduction of their rights, which is inconsistent with the strong Christian fiber and Zambia’s cultural standing. This is a new concept to our culture which Zambians will not entertain as in Zambia we do not even have local terminology for homosexuality.
  • A clear road map for the constitution making process: there has been no clarity from the government and the technical committee on how the and what road will be taken on the constitution making process as there has been no transparency whatsoever since the committee was appointed.

Mwanza said that the his Coalition is demanding that;

  1. Tthe PF government which has taken leadership on the constitution making process state their position on Preserving Zambia as a Christian nation.
  2. Like many other African nations we demand that the PF government clearly  and categorically state its position, amidst increasing international pressure to introduce homosexual rights in Zambia.
  3. We also demand that the PF government and the technical committee on the Constitution making, provide us with a well defined and clear cut road map

The Rainbow Coalition also appealed to the technical committee to provide a clear roadmap and to distinctly and transparently adopt the recommendations of the NCC, Mungomba and other draft constitutions.

The Coalition also appealed to Zambians to take the development and constitution making process to heart..

The Coalition is calling upon all Christians who are concerned about the Satanism which is about to engulf the country to turn up on Thursday  29/12/11 and marching from the freedom statue to the cathedral of the Holycross  at 09hrs.

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