‘Charles Milupi is a dangerous tribalist’


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1 November 2010


We are appalled at the rise of regional and tribal politics promoted by politicians with dangerous selfish interests. We are also surprised that individuals such as Charles Milupi, head of Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) and Luena MP, can today issue derogatory statements against President Rupiah Banda. Mr. Milupi has solely promoted his political party on the basis of tribe and he has championed sectional political interests. Mr. Milupi’s party has also promoted negative traits in politics that divide our country in ethnic and factional groupings. This must be condemned in the strongest terms and leaders such as Milupi exposed for their dangerous politics.

Mr. Milupi is a known tribalist who promoted regional and tribal politics as demonstrated by his negative campaigns against the UPND and MMD during the Luena by-election. It is therefore sheer hypocrisy for Mr. Milupi to even discuss regional politics.

It is in the same vein that we condemn an illegal grouping calling itself the Barotseland Freedom Movement (BRM). The cause of this group is inimical to the security and peace of this country. Our fore fathers and founders of this country have promoted peace and unity among all our people. Zambia enjoys peace because the diverse groupings that form this nation work in harmony together and have recognized the need to develop Zambia as a single and powerful entity.

For this reason, we urge the police to arrest individuals calling for the break-up of Zambia or demanding that a certain province should secede.  The activities of this so called movement should immediately be halted and the forces behind it exposed and arrested and appropriate charges slapped on them. Zambia is a unitary state with all its peoples and tribes living in peace and harmony.



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