Chumbwe says PF central committee will soon seal Lubinda’s fate

As calls to have Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda from the ruling Patriotic Front intensify, PF Lusaka Province chairman Geoffrey Chuumbwe says the Central Committee will soon meet to decide the fate of Mr. Lubinda.

Speaking in an interview with Qfm news, Mr. Chuumbwe says the petition by Kabwata Constituency officials has already been submitted to the party secretary general wynter kabimba for further scrutiny.

Mr. Chuumbwe says the Central Committee will soon make a ruling based on the recommendations by the Secretary General.

He has since called on members to remain calm and allow the central committee to have the final say on the matter.

PF Kabwata officials have accused Mr. Lubinda of being disloyal to the party and retarding development among other things.

On Saturday PF thugs paid by Kabimba went to State House carrying placard to denounce Lubinda.

One of the banners read, “Abash Dual Membership.. Lubinda Must Go to UPND Where He belongs” and “PF is bigger than One Small Spy…Lubinda must go and It Must Be Now. Pabwato”.

Silubanji who led the the thugs said Mr Lubinda was not popular in Kabwata and the demonstrations was aimed at showing the PF party leadership that their MP was not wanted and should therefore be expelled immediately.

“Mr Lubinda belongs to UPND and even the people that welcomed him at the airport were not PF cadres but UPND. I am sure if you split this man even his blood is UPND,” he said.



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    Bana T. 5 years

    Kalipompo … I like the observation on the spellings, what do you expect from illiterates.

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    Hon lubinba just leave,

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    Lubinda and all the Lozis of goodwill should realise that they belong to Barotseland not to Zambia. Leave them and join the real independence struggle of your true country before it is too late. Your country Barotseland wants you.

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    It seems bembas u dnt change yo mind sets,rememba hw lubinda workd 4 dis party,u shamles idiots.

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    Politiko-Analyst 5 years

    Welcome to PF politics….as supported by The Post. Let them expel Lubinda… other political parties will find use for him. He is a very intelligent gentleman. He can contribute from any forum.

    There are double standards at play here in PF politics. Look at the way the Police are treating the opposition MMD and UPND? They cannot afford to host a public rally anymore…

    When The Post puts pornographic pictures in the papers, everyone is quiet…including the so called Women organisations. Its the women enjoy seeing their naked colleagues everyday in The Post… If those pictures were ‘said’ by HH, there would be an outcry out there…

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    Lubinda must go.

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    mother 5 years

    The thugs were given a permit to disrupt traffic while normal citizens were refused permit to address national issues. Welcome to PF politics

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    Kalipompo 5 years

    Interesting…It appears that these PF cadres cannot spell – 1) Reconcilation – Reconciliation, 2) Suspansion – Suspension, 3) Expansion – Expulsion…Then again, I suppose one can give them the credit for trying.

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      Kokoliko 5 years


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    Mwiinde C.j 5 years

    PF can best stand for Patriotic Fools, Party Frogs or something worse than that. Why distorting Peace that we’ve been enjoying for so long? I think we educated civil servants are to some extent the ones to blame apart from poor farmers who are enjoying tough time getting their dues from F.R.A. for allowing this blind party to lead Zambia. come 2016, kindly let us vote wisely. Viva Lubinda!

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    Advocate 5 years

    Lubinda , you can’t fit in this tribal setup. Don’t worry God is actually protecting you than otherwise. These are are terrible shameless and ungrateful parastes of the worst kind. Let them do what they want to do. They won’t rule for more than 2 years.

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    Mwanarob 5 years

    Yes. If he was Given Chansa or Mwape, it would have been another story in this tribalistic useless PF gov., or maybe he should marry a Bemba lady. Ask Miles Sampa and he will explain their tactics very well.