Church body preaches to European union on gay support


2nd April 2013

The Head of Delegation The European Union (EU) Lusaka

Re: Call for proposals in support of Homosexuality

Dear Sir,

I refer to the advert placed by your organization on 21st March 2013 in the Zambia Daily Mail Newspaper. On behalf of my organization, we seek to register our great concern on the matter.

I wish to bring to your attention that as a Church organization, we take a very firm and uncompromising stand in rejecting the promotion of homosexuality, lesbian and transgender practices in our country.

We firmly support the position that has been taken by the Zambian government in rejecting this inhuman and unnatural practice. It is unlawful in Zambia to engage in homosexual acts and therefore you are promoting a way of behavior that is at variance with the law of this country and unacceptable to our society. We urge our Zambian government not to succumb to your pressures in seeking to interfere with the internal affairs of our sovereign nation by promoting the so called ‘human’ rights that are contrary to our fundamental Christian values and our rich African and traditional beliefs and practices which abhor those practices you are seeking to promote.

The position of our government has accurately reflected the popular and majority position of the Zambian people on this matter – both religious and secular. We therefore register our displeasure with your advert and wish to inform you that we will stand to protect the morality of our country and of our society in honor to the God we serve.

In a democracy, the interest of the majority must be respected. The interests of the minority groups to pursue unacceptable practice and behavior cannot supersede the interests of the majority. We find the promotion of homosexuality in our country as a breach of our current Republican constitution. The audacity with which the EU is seeking to promote this inhuman practice raises grave concern. In view of the fact that (as a country) we are working on a new constitution, your stand as a Union may unfortunately tamper with the will of the majority Zambians because you may wish to use money or arm twisting methods to push for this strange and unacceptable practice.

By writing to your office, we affirm and register our strong support on the statement made by the Honorable Minister of Home Affairs for rejecting homosexuality, lesbian and transgender practices in Zambia.

As a church umbrella organization, we will always stand for the protection of moral values that reflect our Christian belief system and we will remain committed to the moral and holistic development of our country. In addition, we will fully support and stand with our government when they represent the will of the people and when they make progressive efforts to protect the interests of the majority of its citizenry.

We urge you to rethink and reflect on this matter again and be sensitive to our local beliefs and acceptable norms by rescinding the decision on this matter and offering a public apology on this transgression.

Yours faithfully,
Pukuta N. Mwanza (Rev.)

Executive Director

CC: Minister of Home Affairs – Hon. Edgar C. Lungu, MP

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