Church condemns as hypocrisy closure of Prime TV

Church condemns as hypocrisy closure of Prime TV

Suspension of Prime TV Hypocritical, Undemocratic, says church 

We, the Three Church Mother Bodies namely Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ), Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) and Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) wish to condemn in strongest terms the suspension of Prime TV broadcasting license by the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) for thirty days over broadcasts that are deemed to have potential to cause unrest.

The decision by the Independent Broadcasting Authority to suspend Prime TV is not only embarrassing to the Government, but also it shows how dead the consciences of those in Government have become.

It is clear for every well-meaning Zambian to draw a line between the Government owned media institutions (ZNBC, Zambia Daily Mail and Times of Zambia) and Prime TV in terms of professional and balanced coverage of news in the country.

It is also our view that the grounds IBA has used to suspend the broadcasting license of Prime TV must have been applied first on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), Zambia Daily Mail and Times of Zambia before applying them on any other media house.

allow the suspension of a broadcasting license of a Private Media House when controlled media outlets HAVE MISERABLY BEEN UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNETHICAL in the manner they cover news in the country, more especially during election times.

  Further, it is hypocritical to Government owned and As a country that aspires to be Christian, we strongly believe that both Government and IBA need

 of Mathew 7:3-5 that a man cannot remove a speck from their brother’s eye when they themselves have not first removed

the plunk from their own eye.

for an end to this kind of behavior

Office bearers have the duty to ensure that the law is applied fairly on all citizens and institutions, unlike what is obtaining on the ground.

In addition, the action by IBA has the potential of being construed as a harassment and intimidation of institutions that do not dance to the tune of the Government and the ruling party, and constitutes a threat to democracy.

The suspension will also negatively affect the employees of the private media house and their families. We hope that Prime TV will use and exhaust every legal channel in this matter to pursue justice.

Finally, we call upon IBA to seriously consider lifting the suspension of the broadcasting license of Prime TV with immediate effect and allow the media house to operate freely without any intimidation.

Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB)

to have recourse to the biblical principle as enshrined in the Gospel

  We therefore call

which arguably betray double standards

 being applied and does not promote the democratic credentials of our beloved country.

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    worried person 3 weeks ago

    There is no way the church can refrain from the affairs of the nation,infact they are major stake holders in that God is Supreme and for all the people and for all aspects of human endeavors. Those that are saying that the church should refrain from politics, are they not aware that we have a ministry of religious affairs……; is that not politics? Politicians declared Zambia as a christian nation, what does that entail? it simply means that the church is above your feeble thinking, infact the church didn’t even demand that the country becomes a christian nation, but it was politicians who wanted to wear the mantle of a Prophet.The truth of the matter is that the closure of Prime TV was not done in good faith but cowardice, or what honorable Dr. kambwili normally calls running away from there shadows, because prime TV is such a small media entity to threaten (giants) or rather big people ,especially those in Leadership..what a Joke!

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    Geogi 3 weeks ago

    Pm. You wanted znbc to follow double h in his skimmed hiding place to report on his assassination attempt. He new what people he needed to cover his skim thus prime TVs coverage

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    Dominic 3 weeks ago

    During the recent Sesheke by election,Prime TV exhumed old violent pictures which happened else where like Chawama Constituency and attributed them to Sesheke when not.Further,Prime TV deliberately left out pictures of the Cadres who placed objects in the road that the President was going to use.Take it further,when HH was hiding in the bush fully accompanied by Prime TV crew,they continued reporting that the UPND WERE being pursued by Police and therefore wanted to assassinate HH BUT FAILED to show the Police who were pursuing him in the bush.I am sure the Bishops of the three church mother bodies watched Prime TV during this Sesheke by election and according to them this was professional.

    • comment-avatar

      Dominic ask yourself why government controlled media and television didnt show stories contrally to those aired by prime TV. This how it works in the world. Where were those pro government media? Why didnt they give us a true story or picture of what really happened in Sesheke? Were they like everybody in government sleeping on the job?

    • comment-avatar
      Black Sabath 2 weeks ago

      Dominic I think you are refusing to think…or you have selective memory.

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    Musumali Liyunga 3 weeks ago

    The problem also is with Zambian. Surely even those that are put in position to carry out such immoral actions on behalf of those in power should have a conscious. If they are men and women of integrity, they should have the decency to step down when asked to do such immoral actions. I just wonder why they fail to step down and find it convenient to continue as though nothing is happening. Is it poverty, or simply lack of principles on their part. Why do Zambians find it hard to have basic beliefs?.

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    I normally think churches should refrain from interfering in politics, but in this case I spport them fully in calling out the Lungu government for being hypocritical. Lungu must be really scared if he starts closing down media channels like this. And then he leaves it to the “Independent” (haha) Broadcasting Authority to deliver the message. And then he acts like he got nothing to do with it..! #Lungu-Liar-Pants-on-Fire!

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      reflectionBane 3 weeks ago

      PF Secretary General Davis Mwila has told cabinet ministers and PF members of parliament that they will go to prison if they don’t work hard to win the 2021 general elections.
      Speaking during the Luapula Province party mobilisation launch which was broadcast on Prime TV, Mwila said Luapula Province should save ministers and members of parliament from going to prison.
      “Here in Luapula, we have a lot of support. We have 100 per cent support, but you bring five constituencies with 90,000 votes. Our friends (UPND) one constituency is 90,000 even if it’s in the village. Why are you not voting? That is why I am telling you that if you play, you will cry,” Mwila said.
      “… All the cells will be full. All these people you see behind me will be in cells. Abena Chitalu (health minister) (you) will not see him. So you ministers and MPs, don’t think this is a joke. This is serious business, are you listening you ministers. This battle we are in is not for playing, that is why them (UPND) when you see they are telling lies and you listen. So you MPs, councillors stop being selfish.”
      He said the party needed serious mobilisation to maintain its strength in Luapula.
      Mwila said the to do this, the party had given 120 bicycles to each constituency in Luapula with additional school books branded with President Edgar Lungu’s portrait.
      But UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka, in a statement, stated that the confession by the PF leadership in Luapula Province just confirmed that they were “dead scared” since they were massively looting public resources while committing other crimes against the Zambian people.
      “With their usual divisive messages, the PF leadership led by SG Davies Mwila are busy campaigning in Luapula Province, telling people to work hard and retain PF in power or risk being imprisoned. We all know that only law breakers end up in cells, and if convicted, in prisons,” stated Mucheleka.
      “They know that they are thieves and very corrupt, yet only a small clique of them are enjoying their ill-gotten gains. They are basically pronouncing themselves guilty and now want our good people of Luapula Province to save them through the ballot.
      Earlier during the same PF mobilisation launch, the PF leadership took turns attacking Bahati member of parliament Harry Kalaba.
      Luapula province minister Nickson Chilangwa, who was coordinating the programme, asked Mwila to ensure that the central committee speed up the disciplinary process for Kalaba.
      “Let me take this opportunity to ask you ba SG that through you, we ask that the central committee speeds up the process of disciplinary (action) against Kalaba. We have by elections for councillors here, but soon even elections for MP in Bahati. Let Kalaba go,” said Chilangwa while addressing Mansa Central MP Chitalu Chilufya as Bahati MP.

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