Church mother body asks ministers Kabimba and GBM being investigated for corruption to resign

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ)  has asked  ministers, Wynter Kabimba and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to step down so that the investigative wings can carry out their duties without fear.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) announced last week that they were going to investigative  Mwamba and Kabimba.

Mwamba is being investigated on allegations of trying to influence the awarding of Zesco contract to his company while Kabimba is being probed for receiving bribes  to influence the awarding of the $500 Million contract to Trafigura to supply oil to Zambia.

ACC public relations manager Timothy Moono during a media briefing in Lusaka last week said:

“We have received reports of corrupt practices against Mr Mwamba indicating that he had physically solicited for a contract to supply wooden poles to Zesco,” Mr Moono said.
He also disclosed that Mr Kabimba was being investigative on what role played in the the Trafigura Oil supply to Zambia.

But EFZ director Pukuta Mwanza says the investigations will yield nothing if the suspects continue being ministers.

Reverend Mwanza who was speaking in Chingola on Sunday during a church service, said it was prudent and in the interest of the nation that the two ministers stepped down from their ministerial posts to allow for the investigations..

“We as the church then are encouraged to support the corruption free Government. This in turn will post development. But the challenge is that the two Minister cannot be investigated fully if they are still serving,” he said.

He challenging president Michael Sata to show leadership and suspend the two minsters so that the police are not intimidated as they investigate the suspects.

He said the fear was that investigations could be interfered with if the duo were holding on to their offices on account of them holding senior Government offices.

There is an attempt by some elements aligned to Kabimba to portray that only GBM is being investigated while Kabimba is part of the people fighting corruption.

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