Church says GBM must be questioned over gassing

Church says GBM must be questioned over gassing


By Agness Changala-Katongo (Daily Revelations)

The Church in Zambia has called on the police to move in and get facts from PF vice chairman for mobilization Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba on what he knows about the people behind the gassing.

The Church has also called for a three day prayer and fasting as one way to seek the intervention of the gassing problem that the country is currently experiencing.

For the past one month, the country has experienced citizens being gassed in homes and pupils in schools.

So far 12 people have died.

Some have been beaten to death while others have been beaten or burnt through mob justice on suspicion that they were behind the gassing.

This situation has resulted in sporadic riots in some parts of the country.

On Sunday, Mwamba was quoted in the media saying he knew the people behind the gassing but it’s now two days and the police have not moved in to make a follow up on his statement.

At a media briefing on the prevailing gassing situation in the country, bishop Paul Mususu who spoke on behalf of the Church in Zambia, said Mwamba should provide the police with facts that would lead to the arrest of the culprit.

Bishop Mususu said Mwamba’s devulving of information on who is involved would even minimize on prayers which the Church has called upon.

“Yes you are right my sister, it can’t be from Sunday up to today, and no movement. As a Church, we are saying the police should move in and get facts as he knows and arrest these people to minimize even on the prayers,” Bishop Mususu said.

He said it was prudent that if the former defence minister knew the people behind the gassing, he tells them who they are as he had a duty to save lives.

“I don’t think it is fair for him to go to Daily Mail or Times of Zambia when he could have gone straight to the police and devulge that information. That alarming statement is not appropriate and I will pray that no politician engages in that as they are just fueling the crisis,” Bishop Mususu said. ” We are not going to let loose that kind of talk. So I will use this platform to appeal to both Mr Mwamba and the police to be professional in their duty. “

Bishop Mususu said if the police was professional, they should not look at which political party one was coming from if he/she was saying things that were causing alarm and discomfort to the nation.

“They should move in and say give us the evidence, we want to arrest those who are behind it” he said.

Bishop Mususu wondered how a person like Mwamba who once served as defence minister would be free to talk about something that he could not provide the police with.

“You can’t be that careless and talk about those things to the press until your nephew or sister are gassed. So if he knows, I would implore that the former minister moves in quickly and tells the people that can do something about it,” said Bishop Mususu.

Ealier, the bishop announced that prayers will start on February 20, on Thursday and end on February 22 Saturday.

He said the Church also seeks to sensitize and raise awareness among people on how to respond to the gassing challenge among other interventions.

Bishop Mususu said what was happening in Zambia was unacceptable as Christian Nation whose values were justice, human dignity, love respect, integrity and forgiveness among others.

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