Church will not rest until PF stops abusing Public Order Act – Pukuta Mwaza

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) says the church will not rest until fundamental freedoms of citizens are upheld.

Speaking in an interview with Qfm news, EFZ Executive Director Pukuta Mwanza sa id he is dismayed with the  abuse of the Public Order Act by the current government.

He says the church mother body will continue to speak against the injustices in the governance system and the political arena.

Reverend Mwanza says in order for democracy to flourish, government has to respect the rule of law and allow citizens to enjoy their freedoms freely.

He says the PF government must not abuse the Public Order Act just because they were victims prior to last year’s tripartite elections.

The clergyman says people voted for change and that this also calls for the need to have the Act repealed.

He has since urged the government to listen to the calls of Zambia on the administration of the Public Order Act and ensure that the rule of law is respected

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