Churches say referendum should be suspended


The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) says the question for the August referendum casts a cloud over the clarity of the intent.

The CCZ thinks that the symbols being used of an eye and ear to represent the Yes and No referendum vote respectively have further complicated the question.
CCZ president Alfred Kalembo says his Council has established that this confusion is compounded by the fact that the referendum is being held alongside the August general elections.

Bishop Kalembo has told Qfm News in a statement that in view of these observations the CCZ suggests that it is not too late to separate the referendum from the elections.
He says his Council is of the view that the referendum can be deferred to a later date after the elections so that it is detached from mainline politics.
Bishop Kalembo states that this is in order for the referendum to stand out as a national issue in a way that unifies people devoid of partisanship and political affiliations divide.
He notes that that the separation of the two electoral processes will allow Zambians to concentrate on one single issue at a given time.
Bishop Kalembo adds that the CCZ has noted from the commentaries from the streets how people are going to vote on partisan basis and that this in itself renders the whole Referendum exercise ineffective.
He says his organization foresees a situation where the constitution making process will go back to the drawing board yet again.

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