Churches to launch election monitoring project


The Christian Churches Monitoring Group (CCMG) which is a consortium of Faith Based Organisations initially created to monitor the 20th January 2015 presidential election will this Friday launch a robust election monitoring project. The consortium which is composed of four Faith Based Organisations namely; Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ), Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ), Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) and Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) through Caritas Zambia seeks to monitor the entire electoral process starting with the voter registration exercise starting on 14th September 2015.

According to an invitation circulated by the CCMG communications officer Obby Chibuluma, the launch will be done at Kapingila ZEC house located on 60 Kabulonga road in Kabulonga starting at 09:30hrs and is expected to be launched by all leaders of the partner church mother bodies.

Following its successful monitoring of the 2015 presidential election, the consortium will be monitoring the entire electoral process leading into the 2016 tripartite elections starting with the Voter Registration exercise starting on the 14th September 2015. The focus of the project is to protect the will of the voters and help improve citizens’confidence in the electoral process.

the January 2015 general elections were marred by a lot of suspicions with some of the stakeholders feeling that the results were not managed properly while parties like the UPND alleged rigging on the part of ECZ. This also led to calls for a better monitoring mechanisms in future elections to deter possible malpractices during the management of results.

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