CIA ranks Zambia number four

The American Central Intelligence Agency- CIA- has ranked Zambia’s economy as fourth best performing in Africa in 2010.

According to the latest CIA fact book comparison guide, Zambia’s economy with seven percent GDP growth is also ranked number 21 in the world.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the Continent’s best performing economy in Africa with a 10.5 percent GDP.

Mozambique is in second position with 8.2 per cent with Ethiopia ranking number three at7 percent GDP, while Zambia trails in fourth position but also with 7 percent GDP.

This effectively means that Zambia is among the top twenty best performing economies in the world.

African giant such as Nigeria and South Africa did not perform well compared to Zambia in 2010.

Nigeria has ranked number 27 in the world after registering 6.8 percent GDP and now trails Zambia in fifth position in Africa.

The sixth position in Africa was taken by Malawi followed by Tanzania with 6.4 percent GDP.

Rwanda is in the eight position with Liberia and Angola closing the best top ten performing economies in Africa.


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