Citizen advises MMD to stop being petty

The ruling MMD party should not conduct itself as if it is in the opposition, but focuses on developing the nation, a concerned Mpika resident has said.

In an interview in Mpika today, Cyprian Mulenga said he expected the MMD government to give attention to developing the country if it is to woo voters.

Mulenga alleged that the country was not developing as expected because the MMD leadership was concerned with petty issues and harassing political opponents in the opposition.

Mulenga said it was unfortunate that the leadership in the ruling party was worried with finding faults on political opponents instead of tackling the problems the country and its citizenry was facing.

He appealed to Banda government to halt campaigns for 2011 tripartite elections because the time was not yet ripe.

He noted that starting the campaign now would have serious consequences on developmental projects being undertaken because resources would be diverted to such campaigns.

“It was not health for the political parties to begin their campaigns now because these will affect developmental projects because resources will be channeled to campaigns,” Mulenga observed.

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