Citizens to be honking every Friday, to demand for new constitution

The Grand Coalition for a people driven constitution has resolved to mount excessive pressure on President Michael Sata and the PF for the enactment of people draft constitution, the coalition has launched the green ribbon campaign and will soon start honking every Friday at 17:00hrs.

Speaking during the ‘Assignment’ TV programme on Muvi TV on Sunday, LAZ vice president Linda Kasonde said the calls for a new constitution in the country were growing every day and asked for more people to join.

And veteran politician and diplomat Vernon Mwaanga has said the PF will not find it easy to win the 2016 elections because of their campaign lies. He wondered why Sata went to lie in parliament on giving Zambians a people driven constitution within 90 days.

Mwaanga who was speaking during the same programme said Zambians were keen followers of what was happening in countries in the region and beyond and would not be duped by the PF in 2016.

He said it was immoral for politicians to make promises which they failed to fulfill, and encouraged people to hold such politicians accountable.

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