City Market manager sues mayor over stolen money

City Market manager sues mayor over stolen money

Miles Sampa sued for claiming that Lusaka City Market Manager Mwenya Matafwali stole K13 million.

Matafwali has demanded that Lusaka mayor Sampa pays him K5 million within 3 days and issue a public apology or meet in court.

Last week, Sampa accused Matafwali of stealing almost all the money realised from City Market levies by only depositing K60, 000 from the K13. 6 million collected in 2019.

But the alleged thief Matafwali claimed that he used the K13 million to pay City Market Staff.

ZWD: we doubt Miles Samba is normal, but on this one he has a point. Threatening him with legal suits is just trying to hide the truth. What is needed is an urgent forensic audit of all the monies going it and out of Lusaka City Market. We are fully convinced that Matafwali stole. On this one we stand with Sampa.

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