Civil servants are stealing more than us, complains PF

Civil servants are stealing more than us, complains PF

Civil Servants are thieves; “they build more expensive houses and drive bigger cars than politicians”- Nkana MP

“They own and built the most expensive suburb in Zambia-Chalala “

Lusaka-KITWE’S Nkana MP Alexander Chiteme says misappropriation of public funds will not end until there is a drastic change of the current service which has served from Kaunda era.

And Chiteme says a good number of civil servants are doing better than members of parliament because of theft.

Speaking when he appeared on a PF organised programme, Mr Chiteme charged that the reforms needed in the civil service were an emergency if corruption was to be completely uprooted.

“We can change goverment today, we have changed goverment before; from UNIP into MMD, from MMD into the current goverment of PF. What we have not changed drastically is the civil service”, Said Hon Chiteme

“It is the same civil service that was in Kaunda goverment, the same that was in MMD goverment, same civil service that is working in this goverment,” He added

He stated that most of the issues of misappropriation reported in the auditors report where caused by civil servants yet it is politicians who receive the backlash.

“Who stole the money at the ministry of education as reported in the auditors general report? Is it the minister of education? The civil servants working in those goverment ministries, the people in charge of expending those budgets we are approving in parliament are the ones behaving like monkeys in a maize field. Stealing resources meant to educate our children but where does the bucks stop? On the politician.

Mr Chiteme observed that though the civil service reforms are expensive the current generation of monkeys in the maize fields needed to be replaced with professional people with a heart of the people.

Meanwhile, Mr Alexander Chiteme has alleged that Civil servants are living better lives than Members of parliament adding that most stlyish houses in chalala are being constructed owned by then.

“If you go in Chalala you will find houses built in Nigerian style and if you ask for the owner you will hear it is the accountant in education ministry,” Observed Chiteme

And Mr Chiteme has clarified that not all issues reported in the auditor’s report are as a result of missappropriation, noting that failure to punish the offenders has led the scourge to continue.

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