Civil Servants being unreasonable- Shamenda

Civil Servants being unreasonable- Shamenda

Even under the generally low PF calibre, Shamenda seems unfit

Information and Labour Minister, Fackson Shamenda, has charged that some public service unions are being unreasonable in their demands for better conditions of service.

The PF government, which won elections

On the promise of more money in people’s pockets, has set 4 percent as the maximum increment that public service workers can get even before negotiations for better conditions are concluded.

The PF government which has so far spent close to K4 billion on Commissions of Inquiries says some of the demands by government workers amount to blackmailing the ruling party.

Government workers across the country have threatened to go on strike if the PF government does not honour the campaign promise of awarding them with decent wages and conditions of service.

This is especially that the same PF government has awarded a 100 percent increment to all health workers in the country.

The demands by civil servants also prompted President Michael Sata to blackmail the workers by accusing them of belonging to the opposition saying they should all be fired.

During the swearing ceremony for Secretary to Cabinet, Mr. Evans Chibiliti last week, Sata directed him (Chibiliti) to clean up the civil service by firing them.

Senior PF leaders have also vowed to employ their relatives and cadres in the civil service.

With the 4 percent increment, the majority civil servants who get K2,000,000 (Two million Kwacha) will only receive K80,000 (Eighty thousand Kwacha) as increment before tax.

The PF government wrote a circular to all government and granted aided institutions never to award any salary increments beyond 4 percent.

It is not clear whether Mr. Shamenda, as a former fighter for worker’s plight during his days as a labour leader would have accepted such a increment himself in the light of increased standard of living due to continued Kwacha depreciation.

It is also not clear how the PF government will convince the private sector to offer better conditions for their works.

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