Civil servants cheated again

Please Watchdog hide my identity.
While President Lungu was busy forcing civil servants to attend the signing of Constitution Amendment Bill, his government through the Payroll Management Division was busy reducing and removing the very little Salary Increments which were duly awarded to civil servants through a Collective Agreement with Trade Unions following a 2 Year Wage Freeze. The Salary increments which were already publicized to all Ministries through a circular by Secretary to Treasury were already captured in the System in December and are supposed to come into effect on January Salary. To cut on “Costs” they have decided to reduce the increments and in some cases completely removing them like in the case of Non-Unionized workers. They have also introduced a mandatory Funeral policy where they will be deducting from K45.00 from all civil servants. What we don’t know is which Funeral Company will be chewing this money. Please we don’t want you to be buying our coffins!! The majority of civil servants will have salary increments ranging from K45.00 to K150.00 by the time they finish manipulating the payroll. Please Watchdog help us before we close the payroll on 10th January, 2015 by informing the President because he is the one who directed the “cutting of costs”. Ask him to intervene the way intervened on Electricity Tariffs before it is too late. We have school going children and the cost of living has gone abnormal. 11th August, is too far for us to use our Vote!!
Concerned Senior Civil Servant

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