Civil servants cheated on salary increments


Unlike the CBU and UNZA Students who demonstrate and Riot when they are cheated by government, us Civil Servants are told to keep quiet and swallow the bitter pill otherwise you are labelled as opposition. Memories are still fresh over those nurses who were fired for exercising their rights.

Surely after 2 years of wage freeze this government gives salary increments of around K120 to a few selected civil servants. We reported on 6th January, 2016 that following a directive from HE President Chagwa to effect cost saving measures, the Payroll Management Division was manipulating the Union negotiated salary increments which were already given to civil servants through and earlier Cabinet Circular.

Now that the payslips are out, we wish to remind all affected civil servants that this insult and mockery does not only affect them in their offices but their families and relatives ant home and in the villages. 1. They have started deducting by force a mandatory Funeral Insurance, covering spouse and children from all civil servants. The question is? where will this money be going for 65 years and some civil servants are not married while others have no children. 2. A comparison of December and January Payslips indicate that all the Non-Unionised workers have not received any increments, instead they have received SALARY DECREASE of over K1,000. 3.

They have started deducting K1,000 across the board for all Non-Unionised Civil Servants with a PROMISE of auctioning old government vehicles to them. Meanwhile the majority of them do not even have personal to holder vehicles. They question is? How do they start deducting such huge amounts of money from an already poorly paid civil servants who, already have loans running at the authorised limit of 40% take home.

All this is aimed at raising funds for their extravagant campaigns which are being enjoyed by Carders such as Frank Bwalya by touring the whole country. They only solution lies in that voters card on 11th August, 2016. Cry the beloved Zambia. Concerned Civil Servant

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