Civil servants not yet paid

Ba editor,

we as civil servants will never tire to bombard you with our problems. You are our only avenue to talk directly to some animals which are more equal than others in this our motherland. We know they only listen to their bellies and not to the cry of the masses. They only have pity for their dollar accounts and not the orphans and the widows who suffer because of their poor governance. Tukafola lwisa ba civil servant? Is it now a habit that we will have to wait for an annoucement for us to get paid? Can we take it that bashi Tasila has raped the old tradition of paying us by the 20th of every month? Let them come up very clearly that 20 is nolonger our pay day. As of this day 21st October we are still broke. Never has this happened that the government delayed paying us for two consecutive months. Usually after a delay, we get paid before 20th the next month. But this time around, that culture has also been spoiled. I am certain the well at the treasury is dry. We should now brace ours to even go for a month without pay. Apa so I had porrigde for breakfast. This has never happened ever since I become a civil servant. I hoped that things would be better after the prayers. I am now begining to think that those prayers were meant to make suffering formal. All PF problems were transfered to God. They will now be saying “we prayed, let’s have faith in our suffering. God will provide the money all you civil servants need. Your government is broke”. Hide my id

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