‘Civil servants salaries used to fill disaster stadium with cadres’


It was nice to see the PF government fill heroes stadium to capacity with people from all over Zambia. I am sure they were well taken care of. But little did I know that the money Mr Lungu was using could affect my pay as a civil servant! I find it strange that immediately after such extravagancy and pomp government would once again delay May salaries. As civil servants we are afraid of the future. If PF can do this to us in an election year, then worse things will follow after elections should they win. We are seing another wage freeze once they win. And prioritizing of party agendas over the needs of us civil servant will surely escalate. Last month those who bank with ZANACO got paid on 22nd April. Today is 27th May and there is no issue as of this morning. This is another first from PF.

Thanks for being honest. Hide my identity

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