Civil servants salaries were used to bribe Mufumbwe voters-HH

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says civil servants have not been paid because the government diverted their salary money to bribing voters in the bye-election in Mufumbwe.

Hichilema says the money was used to by Pierre Cardin Suits for headmen

And Hichilema has said that president Rupiah Banda does not care whether civil servants are paid or not as he is only interested in traveling.

He says President Banda just returned from France a few day ago but is already in Mfuwe and will in the next few days go to watch football in South Africa.

Hichilema was speaking on Radio Phoenix Tuesday morning.

He also revealed the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) plans to extend the time for its work. He said the NCC has run out of money but has done no proper work. He wondered why they want to extend their sittings.

Hichilema also advised president Banda to ‘stop dancing around’ Levy Mwanawasa’s programmes.

Hichilema alleged the the government is constructing a school in Kalomo district but claiming that it is the initiative of President Banda when the project was started in 2005.

He further told education minister Dora Siliya to stop misleading the public that there was free education in the country.

He said while user-fees were abolished, they have been replaced by Parents Teachers Association (PTA) fees.

On the issue of his biological father who is said to have been a cattle thief, Hichilema said he is not ashamed of his heritage. He said he is a villager with five thousand relatives.

“Even if my mother dumped at people who called me Hakainde Hichilema What is wrong with that?

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