Civil servants anxiously waiting for increased September salaries

Agriculture staff and technical union of Zambia secretary general Joe Kamutumwa has revealed that there is anxiety in the civil service following the promised salary increment by government.

Kamutumwa however said he expected government to implement the deal as promised during the September, 2013 month end.

He said there was pressure from the civil service to know if the negotiated collective bargaining would be implemented or deferred indefinitely.

“There is a lot of doubt and anxiety from workers on whether the increment will be effected this monethend or October and maybe deferred,” he said.

“There is pressure and we are getting a lot of inquiries but we are of the view that it will be done at the September month end.”

Recently Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda came under fire for saying the increment will come in October and there was an uproar from the unions prompting him to make an assurance that government had set the deadline for September.

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