Civil society demand arrest of Sakala

Civil society demand arrest of Sakala

The Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) is deeply disappointed and alarmed by the irresponsible and discriminatory conduct exhibited by Edwin Sakala the president of Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) through his letter to His Royal Highness Senior Chief Nzamane.

CiSCA, a consortium of NGOs and individuals committed to promoting constitutionalism through the defence of our Constitution as provided for in Article 2 of the Zambian Constitution, urges His Royal Highness Chief Nzamane and all their Royal Highnesses in Eastern Province, and in other parts of the country, to strongly censure Edwin for his lawless conduct that violates the constitution and Zambia’s traditional values.

Article 60 sub section 2a&c of the 2016 amended constitution calls on political parties to promote and uphold constitutional values, principles and national unity. Further, article 60 subsection 3a does not allow political parties to engage in propaganda based on tribal, ethnic, linguistic, racial sectoral or provincial basis among others.

CiSCA believes that the conduct of Edwin Sakala clearly goes against the spirit, values and principles of these constitutional provisions among others. Mr. Sakala should know that there is no law that allows Traditional leaders in Zambia to ban the operations of any political party in their areas. CiSCA believes that Mr. Edwin Sakala is deliberately dragging the Royal Highnesses into his unlawful conduct to bring their public image into disrepute among right thinking Zambians.

We in CiSCA believe that any person who desires to lead the nation should show unquestionable commitment to defend the supreme law of our nation, the Constitution, by resisting or preventing another person from overthrowing, suspending or illegally abrogating it.Short of respect and commitment to the provisions of the Constitution one is not fit to even think of themselves as leaders.

Clearly Edwin Sakala is not ready for national leadership. His letter is in breach of most parts of the Constitution and in particular Parts I: The Supremacy of the Constitution; II: National Values, Principles and Economic Policies; III: Bill of Rights; IV: Citizenship and V: Representation of the People.
Edwin Sakala does not have anything to gain politically by urging the unconstitutional banning of UPND in Eastern Province or any other party in this country.

We believe that his party has no following anywhere and the supporters of UPND in Eastern Province will not switch their support to him even if UPND ceased to exist. Zambians should ask themselves why Sakala would author such a diabolical letter that is essentially proposing the dismantling of Zambia as a unitary multi party and democratic sovereign state into tribal states? Sakala knows that he will never become President of this Republic, he is therefore proposing this as a way of realizing his dream of presiding over a nation, even if it means presiding over a tribe.
CiSCA calls upon all our national leaders including Traditional Leaders in Eastern Province to help initiate and support efforts to unify the nation according to our constitutional provisions and Our national motto. In our national anthem and national prayer, we ask the Good Lord to heal our misunderstandings and to teach us to love one another. We cannot afford therefore as a people to have such wanton tribalists driving a wedge of division in the nation while those who daily stand on anthills proclaiming that Zambia is a peaceful nation are silent.

We urge all political leaders and all traditional leaders to openly and strongly condemn Edwin Sakala for acting contrary to our national values according to Article 8 of our Constitution as his letter flies in the face of article 8(b) that speaks to national unity, 8(c) that speaks to democracy and constitutionalism and 8(d) which speaks to equality and non-discrimination. Furthermore, we ask Edwin Sakala to read Article 60 of the 2016 Amended Constitution in its entirety before attempting to break the supreme law of this land with input.
CiSCA calls on the Registrar of Societies to immediately de-register ZDDM.

CiSCA also demands the immediate arrest of Edwin Sakala for threatening to disturb the peace that this country is known for.

Issued by:

Bishop John H. Mambo
Chairperson – #CivilSocietyConstitutionAgenda #CiSCA

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