Clarion call to people of Northwestern province


Kindly allow me space in your publication to announce the “birth” of the long awaited Northwest Development Foundation. This is an independent mass movement that seeks to advance the cause of people from N/western province in political, cultural, developmental and social spectrum etc.

It’s not a hidden secret that people from this great province have been derided and ridiculed for a very long time in the past. We have been referred to as buttocks (people who are behind), nyamazajhis (toilet cleaners), bakayubule (whatever that means), 6 o’clock (sleepy) and many other derogatory terms publicly and privately without putting up a spirited fight! If indeed God really exists, has He indeed created any of such people? For how long shall we tolerate such insults?
Without mincing my words, I’d argue that we only have ourselves to blame. We have remained docile and humble even as people have continued trampling upon like doormats!
This is a clarion call for people from N/western province! We are calling upon politicians, the clergy, business executives, traditional leaders, labour leaders, intellectuals, journalists, students, the youth etc to join hands in our quest to demand for a fair share of the national cake.
In political terms, N/western province would be regarded as a “swing province.” Since Zambia attained independence, we have never floated our own Presidential candidate but rather blindly escorted others to Plot 1 Independence Avenue. For instance in 2001, we overwhelmingly voted for UPND. Had it not been for massive rigging by the MMD regime, Mr. Mazoka would have emerged victorious.
And during the elections of 2008 following the death of Patrick Levy Mwanawasa, may his soul rest in peace, votes from N/western made it possible for Rupiah Banda to become President. He even boasted about this at one rally during the run up to 2011 general elections.
The Electoral Commission of Zambia has advertised a number of ward elections that are soon to be held around the country but the bulk of these are in N/western province. If the recently held Mufumbwe parliamentary by-elections are anything to go by, these wards shall definitely go to the ruling PF since the party has the advantage of incumbency.
Currently, there are enormous minerals being extracted from the soils of N/western province but unfortunately the province remains undeveloped and worse still, the provincial capital Solwezi remains the ghost of its old self.
Consider the complexion of the current government, how many people from the province are represented in Mr. Sata’s cabinet? Doesn’t Jean Kapata honestly deserve a seat in cabinet especially after delivering Mufumbwe to PF? What about permanent secretaries, ambassadors, heads of parastatal entities, how many of them hail from North/western province? Does it mean people from N/western province are less intelligence or not worthy to deserve such appointments?
Arise people of N/western province! If you’re interested in joining this association so that we can speak with one voice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
Satetela Kaluluma

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