Classified OP report reveals Lungu will be a danger to the nation

Classified OP report reveals Lungu will be a danger to the nation

The Office of the President Special Division says Edgar Lungu can not make a good President because he will not be able to control cadres and he is linked to religious fundamentalists; he is alcohol dependent and owes huge some of money to gambling houses, a classified document reveals.

According to the report seen by the Watchdog, the special division further reveal that Lungu is linked to some Lebanese Nationals running gambling businesses that are of questionable character.

The report reveals that even during the period of national mourning for Michael Sata, Lungu spent one of the nights at a gambling house in Lusaka. The report further states that even the day Sata passed on, Lungu was in a drunken state and service chiefs  could not reach him even if he was the acting president, and that is why he only learnt of the passing away of the president after Guy Scott.

Of late Lungu has been going to some Christian churches to dispel growing speculations that he is a Muslim. But the report says that Lungu is linked to certain fundamentalist religious groups in East Africa that that could plant their ‘services’ in Zambia if Lungu became president.

“If the establishment failed to tame party cadres during the time of President Michael Sata what more if Minister Edgar Lungu becomes the President? The report reads in part.

“At the time of this report, cadres had already taken over the security operations of Ministry of Justice and Minister Lungu’s residence. If they had their way, they could have taken over the Ministry of Defence at Cabinet office,”

Among the people mentioned in the report that the Special branch call “of questionable character” linked to Edgar Lungu are Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba, a Mr. Emmanuel Chilekwa, Willie Nsanda, Anthony Mukwita and a Mr. Musonda Mpakata.

“Minister Lungu is currently working with people of very questionable character among them Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba, Emmanuel Chilekwa a known crook, Willie Nsanda the RDA Chairperson and Mr. Mpakata Musonda the ZICTA board chairperson’ the report reads.

Meanwhile,Defence and Justice Minister Edgar Lungu and his team have now come up with a plan B in order to contest the forthcoming Presidential elections.

Edgar Lungu is likely to stand on the Agenda for Better Zambia (ABZ) ticket if his attempt to avoid the PF General Conference fails.

“These guys are desperate, they do not want to follow their party constitution. They do not want a general conference and have spoken to Frank Bwalya that in the event they fail to succeed, Edgar Lungu will stand on ABZ the party for Frank Bwalya,” the source said.

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