Clique holding Sata hostage prepare fake corruption dossier against RB

Clique holding Sata hostage prepare fake corruption dossier against RB

rb3The cartel holding president Michael Sata hostage has now prepared a dossier of about 20 pages on former president Rupiah Banda which they intend to submit to government as evidence through the toothless Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

“They want to use to the Sale of Zamtel, RP Capital Case, the Purchase of MMD Campaign Material and the awarding of road contracts and the Mpundu Trust as some of the fake abuse of office charges against Former President Rupiah Banda,” sources say.

Well placed sources within the PF administration say the cartel comprising Post newspaper editor Fred Mmembe, DPP Mutembo Nchito and his brother Nchima, and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba have also convinced the donor funded Transparent International Zambia Ltd (TIZ) to back this scheme and Post newspaper propaganda to demand for the lifting of Mr. Banda’s immunity.

“This cartel has completely divided Sata’s cabinet to a point where there are so many disagreements even on this issue of lifting Mr. Banda’s immunity as many of the senior leaders are actually not aware as they just see and read newspaper reports.

At no time has the issue of lifting Mr. Banda’s immunity ever discussed in cabinet and we are wondering where outsiders are getting the audacity to champion such a cause which has not been discussed and approved by cabinet.” sources said.

Insiders say the same cartel is behind the speculative recent Zambia Daily story that Mr. Banda will be fielded by the combined opposition in 2016 elections as their candidate to scare other PF members opposed to the move.

Sources say this clique, which is heavily financed by a prominent businessman, is also behind the scheme to bribe enough opposition members of parliament to join the PF government so that they can reach the two-third majority threshold in parliament required to lift the immunity for the former head of state.

“There fear is compounded by the fact that they seem to know the health of president Sata and they are actually preparing for a worst case scenario where presidential elections can be held before 2016 because Mr. Sata can even give up power through resignation due to poor health.

They fear that if Sata gave up today, Mr. Banda, their worst enemy, can possibly be the compromise candidate for opposition parties to merely finish his term,” sources said.

Insiders say the cartel is also panicking with the level of failure by the PF government to fulfil the campaign promises that has resulted in majority of the population start missing the MMD policies under Mr. Banda, especially in job creation, agriculture and food security.

“What is also worrying them is the amount of local and international fame and recognition Mr. Banda is receiving that is making them have sleepless nights,” PF insiders said.

Sources say the cartel is now determined to quickly get at Mr. Banda before something happens to Mr. Sata and continue with their media trials and judgements against him.

Insiders say UPND and its leaders such as Hakainde Hichilema are also particularly targeted in the smear campaign because they fear that should Mr.Banda not accept to stand on the combined opposition ticket, they will definitely field Mr. Hichilema.

“The 20 paged dossier on Mr. Banda has nothing to do with ACC at all. This institution is now moribund and they just use it in anyway they want against their perceived enemies,” sources said.

PF sources confirmed Watchdog reports that the clearance of the two senior ministers was merely a compromise to concentrate on Mr. Banda. See story here.

According to sources, the two ministers that were facing corruption allegations, namely Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba and his justice counter-part Winter Kabimba, were not cleared at all as can be seem by the silence from the ACC.

Post newspaper recently carried a story quoting ‘well-placed sources at ACC’ as saying both ministers have been cleared of corruption allegations and have since been written to. See story here. 

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