Closing UNZA and CBU just PF gimmick


The Patriotic Front through its University of Zambia President Jones Mwewa has told the Zambian Observer while drinking at Vegas Anex that PF and the Minister of Higher Education has planned the closure of two Universities.

UNZA President said President Edgar Lungu directed Micheal Kaingu that he close the Universities and will be opened when the President returns from Italy where he has gone to waste tax payers money on his expensive holiday.

“This is what we call mind game,we are not panicking because when the President returns he will open the Universities, this is to make students believe that the President has a heart for students, its a good move” UNZA president lamented while swallowing beer. “You know politics is a game, people including students have lost confidence in PF and the President himself was advised to close the Universities when he is away, This will be an added advantage to the PF and President when he directs the Minister to Re-Open the Universities. On top of that students will be given their full Meal Allowances (K2.7) on top of the K1000 they got.” he said. And Sources from the Ministry of Higher Education have also disclosed that the Universities will be opened when the President returns from Italy where he is meeting the Pope.

” Awe mwandi these guys created this closure of Universities because they want students to love President Lungu when he orders the Minister to open the Universities with immediate effect. This desperation is bad” sources said. President Edgar Lungu will on Monday make a Public announcement that Universities be opened with Immediate Effect and paid PF organizations will issue statements to praise Edgar Lungu after creating the Problem. The head of state will then direct the BC commettee to pay students their full meal allowances regardless of the K1000 they were given. On Wednesday, Micheal Kaingu Pretended to close the two Universities just to play a dirty Mickey game with President Lungu. please watchdog what do you say please do you thing…. let us unite nd fight off this evil nd unconcerned regime please report it nd together we triumph..waiting.

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