Co-PF President RB intervenes to stop MMD candidates in Petauke and Malambo

Co-President of PF Rupiah Banda yesterday personally intervened and blocked MMD candidates for Petauke and Malambo Constituencies from filing in their nominations in a move that angered some PF and MMD supporters.

The adopted candidate for MMD in Petauke Constituency, Jacob Mwanza, was shocked when Electoral Commission Zambia officials refused him to file nominations claiming they had instructions from Lusaka that his adoption certificate has been withdrawn.

The RB camp that now runs PF phoned ECZ officials at night informing them not to accept any papers from anyone in MMD.

The instructions were that MMD was now running PF and they should support their candidate Dora Siliya in the elections.

But the MMD camp was angered with the decision and immediately defected to the UPND camp including Mr. Mwanza himself, who was until yesterday the MMD Eastern Province Chairperson.

A joint meeting was eventually held between the MMD camp that decided to back UPND in Petauke and immediately started campaigning for UPND adopted candidate Allan Zulu.

The MMD camp was furious on how their party has taken advantage of late Micheal Sata’s death to inherit the PF through Rupiah Banda soon after late owner Mr. Sata died.

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