Coach Renard threatens to resign saying he is not paid and not respected

Zambia boss Herve Renard said on Wednesday he might quit the team because he has not received his salary for six months. In an interview with French sports newspaper L’Equipe, Renard lashed out at Zambia’s football authorities, a few days after fiercely criticising them for what he described as “poor travel arrangements” ahead of a World Cup qualifier against Sudan.

“I have not been paid for six months. After the African Cup of Nations, I took the decision to remain with the group despite other big offers. I planned to go to the World Cup. That’s life. I’ve learnt my lesson,” the Frenchman said.

“After achieving something like winning the African Cup of Nations, I should have just left. I have been treated with extreme lack of consideration and respect… Enough is enough; if the problem is not solved by the end of June, I will leave,” the former Angola boss added.

Herve Renard was reappointed as Zambia coach in October 2011 and helped them to a historic Nations Cup triumph last February. However, they have made a poor start in their 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign after suffering a 2-0 defeat by Sudan.

They will host Ghana on Saturday in their next Group D game

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