Coalition on constitution says will go round the country

Coalition on constitution says will go round the country

The Grand Coalition on the Constitution says it will soon launch Countrywide Campaigns to demand for the release of the Constitution.

Coalition Chairperson Fr. Leonard Chiti told a media briefing in Lusaka today that the Grand Coalition will not sit back and allow the PF government and President Sata take Zambians for a ride.

Fr. Leonard Chiti said it is rather ironic being referred to as “yappers” who should be ignored all because they stand for justice and truth for all Zambians.

“It is ironic that we are today being referred to yappers who should be ignored for asking for something that was promised to us as Zambia,” Fr Chiti stated.

Fr Chiti said there is pride in undertaking such defining acts on behalf of a people that God has given the virtues of peace and humanity.

Father Chiti said that the Grand Coalition will continue yapping because their message on theconstitution is undoubtedly hitting hard.

President Michael Sata during the swearing in ceremony of Tourism Minister Jean Kapata at state house recently said that people calling for a new constitution are yapping and should be ignored.

And Father Chiti has called on President Micheal Sata to observe the ten commandments of the bible and deliver a people driven constitution to Zambians.

“We can only call on the President to observe one fundamental rule of Christianity- thou shall not tell lies.”
He noted that the current flawed constitution is a fountain of bad governance.Kitwe-Constitution

Fr. Chiti said the position of government on the constitution is devoid of seriousness.

And the Coalition has praised Bishop George Lungu for revealing to Zambians that President Sata had threatened him describing the act as unChristian.The Coalition has since condemned the act and described it as unChristian.
The Coalition has further described citizen’s freedoms as being under treat in the PF administration.They condemned attacks on UPND President Hakainde Hichilema, ABZ President Frank Bwalya and among others.

Grand Coalition Vice Chairperson Beatrice Grillo stated that PF is de-campaigning itself by denying Zambians a people driven constitution.Ms. Grillo said the coalition will simply help the PF to further decampaign itself.

“Are we going to decampaign the PF for refusing to give us a constitution? The answer to that question is that the PF is already decampaigning themselves by denying Zambians aconstitution they have hoped for for over 19 years. They are simply making themselves unpopular over this constitution issue,”Mrs Grillo.

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