Cobra causes stampede at Mpika graveyard

By Ernest Mwape in Mpika-There was commotion at Mwaiseni Village Cemetery in Mpika recently when a Cobra ran into the crowd that was attending the burial ceremony of a grade eleven pupil, Samuel Nkole of Chilonga High School.
Some mourners sustained bruises and minor injuries in the stampede, while others complained of aching legs and back pains.
Nkole died on the spot after falling off a moving vehicle along the great north road at Mungulube village about 41 kilometres south of Mpika Boma last July.
According to mourners, burial had just been completed when representatives from the Church, Kafuko Lulamba football team and Mwaiseni village Head man and Chilonga High School were invited to deliver their speeches.
They said when it was the turn for Chilonga High School; the Deputy Head Master Mulenga Kaoma took the stage.
Narrating the incident, as the deputy head was in the middle of his speech, a Cobra suddenly emerged from an overgrown grass behind where Chilonga School Choir members had been squatting.
The mourners said the snake travelled like whirl wind towards the grieved crowd causing them to scamper in all directions.
They said the snake moved about Nkole’s grave, rounding it several times trying to find an opening to go in, but there was nothing.
They said at this point, a group of male mourners who had earlier on run away gathered some bravery, picked up sticks and stones and rained them on over the snake until it was killed and later cut it into several pieces.
The Deputy Head Master’ speech which was interrupted for half an hour was followed by the laying of wreaths.
Addressing the mourners, Kaoma said losing a boy who was turning into a man was a big loss not to his family a lone, but the School as well as the nation.
“Losing a boy who was turning into a man is a big loss, school is a school because of the number,” Kaoma said.
He observed that had Nkole completed school, the school administration had hoped that he would become a responsible citizen to develop and contribute to the building of the nation.
“Had Nkole completed school, we hoped as a school administration that he will become a responsible citizen to develop and contribute to nation development,” observed Kaoma.
Nkole died on the spot after falling off a moving vehicle that ferried Players and supporters.
Members of Kafuko Lulamba football team and supporters were returning from Mukonteka where they had gone for a friendly match when the vehicle jerked as its driver slowed down to avoid hitting into a pothole.

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