COBUSU saddened by PF govt poor management of public universities

The Copperbelt University Students Union (COBUSU) has expressed disappointment at the way the PF government was running public universities and the Copperbelt University in particular.
In a statement jointly signed by COBUSU president Milandile Mwenya and Secretary Mumba Mwansa, the students union has raised several challenges faced by students and has charged that government will be to blame should the institution record a high failure rate in this year’s academic calendar.
The statement says the fact that most government officials take their children to foreign universities was prove that they have no confidence in the Zambian education system.
Some of the challenges faced by students include non payment of project funds since the institution opened and the high cost charged by boarding houses way above what students are being paid.
‘A number of students have been left homeless due to their failure to pay boarding house rentals, students on 100 percent loan scheme get K1000 and the expected annual rental fee is K4,500, reads part of the statement.
The students have complained that they have not been paid for their research projects and have wondered how they are expected to do data collections without funding.
They have charged that resources where available to fund education but the problem was that government had misplaced priorities and wished there was a policy to bar government officials from sending their children to foreign universities.
‘As students we wish there was a policy which bars Members of Parliament, Ministers and Presidents from sending their children to universities abroad only then can they learn to prioritise and better the education system in Zamia,’ complained the students.
The students have challenged the government to be proactive and pay their allowances than wait for protests and demonstrations.
They noted that government was finding it easy to fund by-elections yet failing to source money for student allowances and pointed out that this never used to be the case under the MMD government.

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