Colonial house in kalomo put on lease

The National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC)has put the first brick government house built in the country in the 1900s on lease for commercial purposes.

Kalomo town

Kalomo town

The brick house, which is in Kalomo district, was the residence of the British South Africa (BSA) Company colonial administrator, Robert Coryndon.

This is contained in an NHCC invitation for bids from reputable organizations for the lease of the old administrator’s house released by the commission dated September 17, 2009, and obtained by ZANIS.

“The National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC) now invites sealed bids from reputable organizations for the lease of the Old Administrator’s House National Monument Site in Kalomo which served as the Boma during the colonial days,” read part of the lease public memo reference no. NHCC/TC/LOAH/KLM/SWR/01/09 from the South west region office based in Livingstone.

The house, which has served as a national monument site on an approximately 200 x 200 metres land, has been categorized for lease as a lodge, office for reputable organizations or alternatively as an executive accommodation after undergoing extensive rehabilitations.

NHCC has slated October 19, 2009 as the closure date for interested individuals or organizations to deposit their bids.

The house, which is located at Kalomo Boma compound, is believed to have been built between 1903 and 1904 under the colonial masters of the then Northwestern Rhodesia when Kalomo town was the first capital of the country until the administrative authority was transferred to Livingstone in 1907.

A monument erected on the ‘Kalomo Green’ along the great north road still bears an inscription giving the history of the town.

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